Creating a Wooden Pergola Design as the Perfect Hot Tub Compliment

wooden-pergola-1Picture yourself on a crisp fall evening, breezy summer night, or under a gentle snowfall as you relax in your hot tub beneath your pergola. Who knew that adding a wooden pergola design around the location of your hot tub would be the perfect complement? Actually, thousands of homeowners have caught on to the fact that a wooden pergola goes exceptionally well with a hot tub. One of the great things about having a hot tub in your backyard is being out in the open and having views of the sky. Still, unless it is ensconced in a deck it can seem a little exposed. Adding a pergola is the perfect architectural definition that separates the hot tub space from the rest of the yard. You have the best of both worlds with open views of the sky and no walls, but you still have some level of structure to differentiate and set the ambience of the space.In this first wooden pergola design, the homeowners created an expansive deck for entertaining and activities. With the hot tub at the end of the deck, the pergola defines the space without separating users from the deck or views of the back yard.

wooden-pergola-2This viewpoint of an expansive lawn alongside the hot tub seems to suggest distance between the house and the hot tub. The truth is that the image is a little deceiving in some ways and the perfect example of creating a highly individualized space with the use of a pergola, but we’ll get to that later in a different view. A beautiful paver patio and walkway leading to the hot tub along with shrubs and rock features provide an oasis feel without detracting from an expansive lawn. The pergola clearly defines the hot tub space while maintaining the open feel. The mature evergreens behind the pergola along what is likely the defining property line between neighbors provides that additional level of privacy.

wooden-pergola-3A different view of the same wooden pergola design shows how a low stonework wall provides further definition between the pergola/hot tub combination and the seating area of the patio. The lighting provides a nice touch with enough illumination for safely moving around at night while still being positioned in such a way as to keep the low light mood for a relaxing nighttime soak.

wooden-pergola-4In this final shot, we can take in the expansive lawn and see the fairly close proximity of the pergola and hot tub to the home. The pergola proves to be the perfect defining architectural element that by its very nature has the right balance of permanence and lightness. The owners have created a private park-like oasis with an adjacent patio. Notice the now visible strategic placement of shrubs and evergreens to provide privacy without creating a feeling of being closed off. The pergola completes that balance in every way.

wooden-pergola-5In these last two images, we see a pergola defining the hot tub space in the corner of a relatively small deck. While the rustic fence provides a large measure of privacy to the adjacent neighbors, the pergola has also been outfitted with tight mesh screens that provide the hot tub users with an open view of the yard while creating opacity for those outside the hot tub looking in. By incorporating the legs of the pergola into the railing surrounding the patio, the homeowners have a created sufficient feeling of isolation and connectedness between the house, deck, and hot tub/pergola combination.

wooden-pergola-6 Once again, a second, more expansive angle image of the same wooden pergola design shows how the deck, hot tub and wooden pergola take advantage of the views
of the expanse of lawn flowing away from the close neighbor and the wonderful connection to the lawn and an adjacent patio that is tailor made for entertaining, lounging, and grilling.

It can be difficult to show in just one photograph how a wooden pergola design can affect a backyard area in so many different ways from different points of view. That is why they are the perfect architectural element compliment to any type or size of yard and home. Just think, it only took three different designs to show you a world of possibilities with pergolas, and we’ve only just scratched the surface.