Mike’s Bio

Hello, my name is Mike Wagner and I am a very proud member of the Amazing Decks Team! I grew up in Wrightstown, PA, which was, at the time, an area dominated by cornfields, creeks and woods. I spent a lot of time playing in all of them and am grateful that my mom never once complained about my muddy clothes!

I became a graduate of Council Rock (North) class of 1994. I was gifted with fantastic teachers and a wonderful overall experience! Among my most fond memories was being a part of the wrestling team. The program was lead by an exceptional coaching staff, which laid the foundation for a team atmosphere that I will forever be thankful for! I gained a valuable perspective on how a strong work ethic and consistent effort can create positive opportunities. This experience also prepared me for the many challenges that I’d be fortunate enough to come across in my life. I do believe “fortunate” is the proper word choice, as each one of those helped me to build the confidence and focus that Life will demand from time to time.

After high school I continued my education at Shippensburg University in central Pennsylvania where I obtained a degree in social work. I taught social skills at an alternate school for adolescents before moving back to the Bucks and Montgomery County area. During this tenure, I had the privilege of helping kids develop a skill set to make safe, responsible, constructive decisions to move forward with a healthy life style. Not an easy task by any means, but extremely rewarding!

When I returned to the area, I took a job as a laborer for a construction outfit to earn some income while I began the process of searching for a job in my field of study. I haven’t looked back since! Being involved in creating folks’ back yard sanctuaries quickly became a passion of mine, and I am incredibly lucky to have arrived to an atmosphere where all of the building blocks that lead me to this point have fallen into place!

The team here at Amazing Decks is unique, invigorating, and innovative in such an incredibly special way! It is not a job, it is a family and one that I tremendously appreciate being a part of. It is loaded with talents across the board (no pun intended) that together form a system of creativity and efficiency that our clientele directly benefit from. Looking forward to many years working with this team and enjoying every bit of it!