Trex Decking Overview

Trex Transcend:

We need a product that will not fade in direct sun exposure, can withstand several inches of snow for a month straight and can hold up to temperature extremes from 15 to 100 degrees. It must be resistant to staining and has to look beautiful all at the same time. If our product fails to perform as we said it would, we will have unhappy customers. And that is no way to build a company. That’s why we have chosen Trex Transcend. Backed by a strong 25 year warranty, Trex Transcend performs how it says it will and there is simply no other product that can say that. Trex Transcend comes in 8 different colors so it is easy to find a color that matches every home. When we are finished with our projects, our customers always walk out onto their new deck and say “wow” about 50 times before they can say thank you. That is the customer reaction I want, that’s how to build a business, that’s why we use Trex Transcend. Trex manufactures the Transcend decking product line using 90% recycled material.

Trex Transcend Railing:

Using 7 standard colors, Trex Transcend Railing, is the perfect compliment to the Transcend product line. Made with Fiberex technology, Transcend railing looks like painted wood, but has the durability of a low maintenance engineered product. We can easily heat up and bend the railing to make beautiful curves and distinctive designs. You can add options like black aluminum balusters to maintain a clear view to the back yard.

Trex Transcend Porch Flooring:

Some applications call for a true porch board look with no spacing between the board. This classic porch board look can be achieved using the Trex Transcend porch board.

Trex Select:

Using the shell technology, Trex re-engineered their standard product line. With Trex select, we can offer a lower cost alternative to Trex Transcend and you can still get the resistance to fading, staining and mold. Trex Select comes in 4 standard colors:

Trex Elevations:

When you are building a deck that can last 25 years, it makes sense to use framing material that can remain true and straight for 25 years or more. Trex Elevations is a steel framing system consisting of posts, beam and joists. In other words, everything that holds the deck up that you don’t see. Trex Elevations steel framing doesn’t warp or twist and is not affected by changes in humidity. It gives us a nearly perfect substructure to install the Trex Transcend decking. Trex Elevations is approximately twice as strong as standard framing lumber. Trex uses at least 25% recycled material in the Elevations product line.

Trex Rain Escape:

Why not use the space under your deck? If you have a walk out basement, you can now keep the space under your deck dry. Using Trex Rain Escape, we can direct rain water into a gutter system making the space under your deck a great space to hang out when it is raining.

Trex Deck Lighting:

Imagine a lighting system for your deck integrated into the railing system. Trex Deck lighting is built right into the Transcend railing post cap. During the day, you don’t even know it is there. At night, the post cap lights up to accent the deck making your deck space illuminated. This 12volt, DC, LED lighting system comes in a post cap light, rail light, recessed light and stair riser light.

Trex Furniture:

Trex Outdoor Furniture has been a great addition to our product line. Our customers are now able to purchase patio and deck furniture that comes in some of the same great colors Trex is made in all while using 90% recycled material. Trex Outdoor Furniture is beautiful, comfortable and durable.