Amazing Decks Difference

Design, Experience, Professionalism, Quality, Service, and Value are more than words at Amazing Deck. The details behind them define the Amazing Deck Difference.

What is the Amazing Deck Difference?

Amazing Deck sets itself apart from other deck builders by smoothly integrating the use of the latest design tools and techniques, our experience, artistry and craftsmanship along with your dreams, vision and needs. Our craftsmen are far more than carpenters, so the execution of each design is engineered to the highest specifications possible. That way they last longer, look better, and function flawlessly in the ways that you will use them today and tomorrow.

We’ve been designing and building decks since 1991, so as the tools and technology have evolved, so have we. We not only choose the highest quality materials and product manufacturers, the manufacturers often choose us. That is evidenced by our longstanding relationship with Trex where we rank in their Top 10 Builders across the entire U.S. That extensive product and training knowledge is constantly updated in order to provide the latest techniques that meet or exceed current building codes.

Our Patio and Deck Designing Process

Our extended team is made up of craftsmen and professionals that include all of the building trades so that we can provide the highest levels of quality, project diversity, service and value to our clients. Speaking of value, our 100-percent architect approved designs are the product of constant meetings with our in-house architects and engineers so that you end up with a backyard oasis that adds to the value and beauty of your home.

From the smallest project to the most complex as well as design and build to maintenance, we pride ourselves on providing what you need, when you need it. Communication between our team members as well as our level of communication with our clients ensures that no detail is left to chance and every instruction and desire is thoroughly understood and executed.

Are You Ready to Build an Amazing Deck?

Hundreds of satisfied customers, the highest quality ratings and business practices as well as years of proven reliability and professionalism are what make the Amazing Deck Difference. Contact us today and let’s get started on designing your dream.