Finishing Touches That Can Make Pergola Designs for Decks and Patios One-of-a-Kind

Pergola Designs for Decks and PatiosAlthough we’ve talked about how pergolas can enhance a backyard patio or deck all on their own, it’s often the finishing touches that can take them to the next level for many backyards. Here are just a few ideas that can make for one-of-a-kind pergola designs for decks and patios.

Pergola Designs for Privacy and Shade

When the open feel of a pergola can be a little much due to the direct heat of the sun and a little too much sunlight, a partial covering added to the top or sides of the pergola can add just the right amount of shade without losing that open feel. The same can be said when you want a little more privacy.

Adding rollup mesh shades to pergola designs for decks can provide some additional privamodern pergola designs for shadecy as well as a little extra shade at certain times of the day. That seems to be what these homeowners were going for in this pergola and deck design. The hot tub may be the star of the corner of this deck, but the pergola not only provides a fantastic architectural frame element, it is the ideal way to support privacy screens.


Privacy and Shade Ideas for Decks

Pergola designs for decks can be highly integrated affairs that blur the lines between deck, Pergola Designs for Shadeporch, pergola and roof elements. In this design, the fantastic retractable awning canopy shade above acts as an extension of the roof element to the right over this portion of the deck. This shot makes you wonder if it is a pergola at all.

This second image shows the retracted canopy and the pergola beams exposed. This may strike you as even more of a hybrid as the minimal pergola beams provide the separation for the retractable canopy, which is actually attached to the house.Pergola Designs for Privacy

This third angle shows how the canopy elements and what had appeared to be a skirt element in front are really sun shades that can be raised or lowered. With both canopy and shades in effect, shade and privacy become the order of the day while still being open to the outside as the defining characteristic of many pergolas.

If you’re going for more of a semi-private feel as opposed to shade from the sun, this design adds a trellis element to the pergola. Keeping all of the other angles of the pergola open ensures that the trellis element adds to the overall design rather than detract by making it seem like an enclosed porch. The ladder-style railing along the top edge of the pergola helps to create a unified theme with the railing below.


Pergolas with Bench Seating

There really is no such thing as conventional pergola designs for decks when it comes to the Pergola Designs for Decks and Patio with Built In Seatingextra touches. In this image we see a deck pergola that incorporates built-in seating to the design. The pergola post style is reflected in the bench seating pedestals while the bench itself is a mirror of the deck finish. Notice how they keep the open feel by keeping the bench seating a freestanding element that remains separate from the pergola posts.

Pergolas Designs for Deck or Patios]

It’s important to keep in mind that all of these elements can be incorporated into pergola designs for patios as well. That is the beauty of pergolas in that there are no hard and fast rules. Lath or trellis-like additions can provide privacy and shade. The same can be said for pergola screens and pergola curtains while accomplishing the same goal with a totally different feel.

Don’t forget retractable awnings, shade mesh screens, or tarps. You can cover the pergola with awning fabric, or plant vines to create a green, living shelter, add vines to cover the trellis integrated with the pergola and much more to set it apart. You’re only limited by your imagination and how you want to use your pergola.

If you are looking to add a pergola to your existing deck/patio or our ready to start design a new outdoor space with a pergola, contact us today!