How Curved Deck Designs Add Luxury, Enjoyment and Value to a Home

In the beginning, decks all looked relatively the same – blocky, right angles that somewhat mirrored the homes to which they were attached. The normal material for decks was wood, which had to be weather-proofed, painted, stained, and maintained. Decks have come a long way over the years.

Today’s decks defy traditional design concepts. With the availability of durable composite materials and the experience that years have brought to deck designers, the decks being built today are all about serviceability, beauty, and best of all nearly no maintenance.

A round deck is an example of an outside living space that can be designed according to your imagination. Who says that just because we have historically designed decks to be square that we have to always design them that way? Thanks to sophisticated CAD design applications and decking material such as Trex Transcend, designers and builders are truly pushing the limits on what we call a deck.

Homeowners understand the value of curved deck designs. Not only does it increase the financial worth of the property, it serves as a real extension of the home and the lifestyles of those who live there. With the long list of features and amenities that can go into a handsome deck, people are enjoying spending more time outside in the fresh air, living life the way they want to.

Wooden decks are still popular today, but people are busy and many don’t want to spend the time maintaining the wood in the harsh effects of glaring heat and sun and freezing air and ice. Trex decking is a smart choice for people who want to live on their decks, not work on them.

Trex materials give decks the look of exotic hardwoods in a variety of shades and colors with names like tiki torch, spiced rum, gravel path, fire pit and lava rock. Builders experienced in working with Trex composite decking and railing materials can bend, curve and shape the perimeter of a deck to make it truly one of a kind and anything but square and boring.

To finish a deck, homeowners have plenty of choices. Today’s decks can be built with a kitchen area with grill, refrigerator, sinks, trash receptacles, dining tables and more. A warming fireplace allows people to enjoy their deck earlier in the spring and later into the fall. Roofing and screening add protection from the elements.

In summary, decks have come a long way and provide people with outdoor living that is an extension of their homes and lifestyles. Elegant curved deck designs that are long-lasting and lovely can be outfitted with plenty of amenities to make them more enjoyable throughout the seasons.