Choosing Between an Outdoor Kitchen Deck and an Outdoor Kitchen Patio

Anyone that has done the ceaseless back and forth from the indoor kitchen to the outside grill knows the meaning of losing. You lose time with family and friends, lose out on the fun, and lose control of the perfect grill time. You may have a deck, a patio, or both, but what you really want is an outdoor kitchen deck or patio.

outdoor-kitchen-deck-1Although decks and patios can be quite elaborate affairs for outdoor entertaining, serious outdoor cooks often make the move from a nice grill to a more elaborate outdoor kitchen deck with all of the amenities. In this design, the owner prefers the feel of a deck as opposed to a patio. The cooking and prep portion of the outdoor kitchen in this close-up sports a nice close grouping of integrated grill with storage and other necessary amenities, which is all about convenience for the cook.

outdoor-kitchen-deck-2When we get a wider shot, we see how the full kitchen with eating/serving side is integrated with a lower level for prep and staging, which adds a great deal of prep space to the wings of the grill side of the kitchen. The highly functional design is well thought out so that it is a separate full kitchen space while being fully integrated with the rest of the deck. The richness of the high quality composite wood decking provides a surface that is worry free when it comes to grilling so that it will always be easy maintenance with a wipe down while retaining its beauty. The warmth is carried over into the stonework of the kitchen with substantial polished granite prep and serving surfaces. Notice how the porch roof covers the seating area while the grill is placed strategically at the opposite end without any roof for great air circulation so that grill smoke never becomes a problem to the party. The corner lighting post is a great touch for nighttime entertaining and cooking outside.

outdoor-kitchen-deck-3In this next outdoor kitchen deck, once again the homeowner goes for tight grouping of an integrated deluxe grill/oven with storage/access and refrigerator. This time they integrate a great prep sink. A corner location on the deck provides the cook with their own space while ensuring that they remain part of the action. This time the kitchen section is clad in brick to compliment the composite decking color as well as the railing color and design.

outdoor-kitchen-deck-4For some homeowners an outdoor patio kitchen is the preferred way to go rather than an outdoor kitchen deck. These decisions have as much to do with the style of the home, the layout of the yard and available space as they do with preference of entertaining styles. In this design, the homeowner has created an elaborate outdoor kitchen on their patio. The clear zones of the kitchen design provide entertaining wings on each end with cooking and prep in the middle. On the far right, we see an integrated tap and keg refrigerator alongside another integrated refrigerator below a substantial counter with seating area. An outdoor cooktop with burners adds even more versatility to the meal prep for everything from eggs and pancakes to stir fry and an endless list of possibilities. This is all in close proximity to storage and warming drawers before the centerpiece grill, which is flanked by a large eating/entertaining surface.

outdoor-kitchen-deck-5This view from the other side shows how clean the lines are as well as the definition of space for working in the kitchen while still having an integrated feel with guests.

Whether you choose to go the route of an outdoor kitchen deck or outdoor patio kitchen, there are thousands of different options in terms of surfaces, appliances, storage, and other amenities that can be arranged to fit your way of entertaining. Just as with indoor open kitchen dining plans, the outdoor kitchen deck or patio often requires the touch of an expert designer to ensure that the specific zones are well defined while retaining that open feel overall.