Creating an Outdoor Deck Design Above a Walkout Patio

walkout-patio-1There is nothing like being able to entertain outdoors on multiple levels both figuratively and literally with outdoor decks that sits above a walkout patio or lower level deck design. Whether it is a set of French doors off of a lower level family room or a sliding door from the rec room or finished basement, Americans love having that lower level access to the back yard.

While house layout as well as the backyard terrain will dictate the design of outdoor decks, this homeowner created a large open deck design perfect forgathering or even dancing if they so desire. The smaller upper deck is perfect for the grill and a family that likely does as many dinner nights on it as possible.

walkout-patio-2This patio design is clearly all about entertaining up top with expansive views and all the best seating along with the grill.

Down below is more for quiet lounging while you watch the little one play. The bowed front of the upper deck provides some nice curves that are a perfect compliment to the beautiful half round window above. The subtle drama of the squared posts and its substantial support beam are echoed by the smaller intermittent posts of the balustrade above.

walkout-patio-3This home has a similar design with the bowed front with beam and posts below. The hedge below adds a nice semi privacy element to a backyard with obvious multiple levels that echo the raised deck and patio below.

walkout-patio-4Outdoor decks for multi-level homes can be designed to fit any home, family and lifestyle. Here, the larger upper deck is once again a gathering and party space while the smaller lower deck isobviously a great staging area for the kids to play on overcast or slightly rainy days. The white and cream combination of the deck, stairs and balustrade echo the home’s colors and design. Although the posts are less ornate than in the previous designs, it seems more fitting with the house, the neighborhood, and the casual nature of the yard.

walkout-patio-5This next outdoor deck design combines elements from all of the previous examples with simple square posts that are taken up a notch by the stone surround pedestals. Boththe upper deck portion and the lower deck provide equal levels of entertainment and relaxation features with the stone lower section pedestals and bushes providing the semi-private air below. Here, a porch-type ceiling and ceiling fan below add some traditional charm that is complimented by the six-over-six windows. Brown and white add a little drama and added warmth all around with intermittent posts on the straight top deck portion’s balustrade section.

walkout-patio-6In a final outdoor deck design example, the homeowners created a stunning multi-level deck with open and screened in portions on the top section, a hot tub as the centerpiece on the middle section and a small open deck partially covered on the bottom that provides a transition to a gated patio and pool just out of view.

When it comes to outdoor decks for homes with backyard access on multiple levels, there are unlimited options to go with the myriad home designs and backyards that have this feature. They allow homeowners to take advantage of high vantage point views coupled with more intimate spaces that can provide outdoor entertaining cover in rainy weather. Beyond that, the features, design and accents are only as limited as the homeowner’s imagination.