Amazing Screened In Porch and Deck Design Ideas

Screened-in porch designs are a great compromise between the outdoors and the indoors. You can sit out on your porch, enjoying fresh air through large screen windows without the hassle of pests or the sun beating down on you unforgivably.

Although the lines can blur between screened deck designs and screened porch designs, the best of the breed are far more than just a roof and framing surrounded with screening material. The best of these spaces act as both an extension of indoor living space with the right blend of the outdoors as well as a transitional space to the outdoors that blends with the house and its surroundings.

If you’re thinking about an addition to your home, and a screened-in porch sounds ideal, then consider these structural features and decorating ideas for screened in porches and decks.

Inspiration for Screened In Porch and Deck Designs

When gathering ideas for screened porch designs, it’s best to look at them through purpose-Screened In Deck- Trex Deck Builder- Amazing Deckdriven eyes in order to decide size, orientation, materials, furnishings, and amenities. A screened room for entertaining can include additions such as a fireplace to extend its use into chillier nights. It can also include seating for meals and much more like a wide-screen TV, stereo surround sound, larger seating area, and more.

The view is as critical as how you will be using the space. Consequently, if it’s more of a get together lounging space for adults that want to take in the great outdoors while watching children play, you may opt for more of a sunroom take like this when choosing among screened porch designs.

Whether you are working with a pre-existing porch that is unscreened or contemplating an entirely new addition, choosing materials and layouts that compliments and integrates with the rest of the home’s exterior is the key to beautiful screened porch designs.

Structural Features for Screened-in Porch Designs

A lot of existing screened-in porch designs are very simple – just your bare-bones screened-in porch with a concrete or stone floor, no structural features, and a lack of interior décor. They often look cheap and don’t give you much to appreciate. We suggest constructing screened-in porch designs to feel and look like luxurious additions to homes.

Custom Screened In Porch with Wooden Vaulted Ceiling- Screened In Porch Designs- Amazing Deck

Certain structural features, like vaulted ceilings and wooden beams, can add elegance and grandeur to a porch.

Screened In Porch Design Idea with Wooden Beams- Amazing Deck


Options for Screened In Deck and Screened In Porch Designs

Some screened deck designs are Screened In Porch Designs- Screened In Deck Builder in NJ- Amazing Decksintentionally seamless transitions







Screened In Deck Ideas- Deck Builders near me- Amazing DeckWhile others opt for more of a separated design between the two areas to allow for different activities and gathering places.




Screened In Porch Design Ideas- Custom Porch Builders near me- Amazing DeckStill, others create a true hybrid such as this deck with an integrated screened octagon enclosure that functions as a screened deck area while not being attached to the house in any way, such as with a screened porch.




Trex Screened In Deck Design Ideas- Trex Deck Builder- Amazing DeckScreened in porch designs and screened deck designs can have a variety of finish details ranging from beadboard ceilings and elaborate lighting to skylights for increased natural light and much more.

Screened In Porch and Deck Window Treatments

Window Treatment Ideas for Screened In Porches- Amazing DeckThe whole purpose of choosing a screened-in porch over a deck or patio is to benefit from the protection that the large screen windows provide. Just as with any other windows in your home, you’ll want to be able to give yourself some privacy. You can pick out dark shades, hang curtains, or use shutters, depending on the style you’re going for.







Screened In Porch Design Ideas for Window Treatments- Amazing Deck

Screened In Deck and Porch Decorating Ideas

If you want to decorate the interior of your porch to compliment the architecture, you can begin by choosing a color scheme. Maybe you want all neutral, or neutral with a few pops of color. Maybe you want bright colors or a monochromatic color scheme. One way to incorporate a pop of color into your color scheme is with a colored floor.

screened in porch decorating ideas- Screened in porch builder near me- Amazing Deck

Decorating ideas for screened in porches- patio builder near me- amazing deck

Once you pick your color scheme, use area rugs, furniture, and decorative pillows to incorporate those colors into the room. Then finish your décor with your choice of lighting. Try chandeliers, lamps, or even string lights.How to decorate a screened in porch- screened in porch decor ideas- Amazing Deck

Ready to Get Started On Your Screened In Porch or Deck Design?

Choosing the best fit for your home’s architecture, your desired functionality, and your budget is important when looking at screened porch designs and screened deck designs. By working together with the design professionals at Amazing Decks, you can be sure that your new screened deck or porch will meet your needs as well as the highest construction practices and building codes to ensure many years of carefree enjoyment.

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