Patio and Deck Designs to Inspire Your Dream Deck

Some of us might look at our backyards and find them uninspiring. And, at times, it can be difficult to imagine a finished product. If you know you want a deck, but have no clue as to how you want it to look, here are some deck designs that will hopefully inspire your creative side to think outside the box.

Have a beautiful view in your backyard? This kind of bench offers a great place to sit while you enjoy the view. The steps leading down to it help separate this seating area from the main gathering area up top. And if you have a green thumb, the flower box gives you a great opportunity to add color to your outdoor living space. If you’re looking to create a little more privacy, you could use plants that grow a bit taller in order to create a bit of a wall. Check out other built-in planter and seating options.

Curved Deck Designs with Built In Planter- Amazing Deck


This deck creatively incorporates nature’s shapes and patterns into the design. The different layered “leaves” of the deck help to create separate cozy gathering areas.

Creative Custom Deck Designs- Amazing Deck


As opposed to a traditional fire pit, this fireplace – the style of which is typically found inside the home – helps bring some of that snug warmth of the indoors to the outdoors. The steps and pergolas create a stage-like feel distinguishing this area from the rest of the deck. If you’re trying to create that wow-factor, this could be a unique way to accentuate your fireplace. Check out more patio and deck fireplace options

outdoor fireplace and pergolas


There is a lot going on with this deck. The multiple levels create separation and privacy while the fireplace area provides everyone with the opportunity to come together. What we like about this design is the use of different colored decking, which mimics what would probably serve as an area rug if this setting were indoors. It’s just another way to make the outdoors feel a little homier.

outdoor deck living room


When we think of a fire pit, we typically think of the traditional round fire pit in the ground. For those of you with smaller deck or patio spaces, this could be a great option. Built into the wall, this fire pit allows you to enjoy the warm and glow of a fire without losing the floor space that traditionally-styled fire pits would take up.

fire pit built into wall- patio fireplace designs- amazing deck


Outdoor kitchens are super convenient for those who like to entertain and cook a lot. Instead of having to be inside while your guests are outside enjoying each other’s company and the fresh air, an outdoor kitchen allows you to mingle while you cook. In this particular design, the table on the end provides a nice intimate dining area around a small, cozy fire. Check out more options for outdoor kitchens.

Custom Outdoor Patio Kitchen with Small Built-In Firepit- Amazing Deck


This design combines a traditional fireplace with an outdoor kitchen. The unique feature here is the rustic chimney, which provides a sense of grandeur. The two alcoves on either side of the fireplace itself provide storage area for logs or tools to tend to the fire.

outdoor patio kitchen and stone custom fire place with chimney- Amazing Deck


If you have a raised deck – and depending how high it is – this is an excellent use of the space underneath it. Because the deck above provides a roof, this area is a great place to have an outdoor living room complete with plush seating and throw pillows, a fireplace, a TV, and a kitchen to top it all off.

Custom Covered Deck with Outdoor Kitchen- Amazing Deck


This patio design is awesome because it offers both intimate settings and an entertainment area. The seating area right outside the house is conducive for leisurely activities like reading or catching up with a small group of friends. The bar with a fire pit close by provides a great area to entertain guests during parties.

Custom Paver Stone Patio with Outdoor Kitchen, Firepit and Bar- Amazing Deck


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