Pool Deck Designs For When You Want it All!

There are many times in life when we have to make “either/or” choices. However, pool deck designs that combine a beautiful pool, a nice deck area, and a patio aren’t out of the question. You may not get it all at once, but with the right pool deck designer and builder, you can come up with a finished design with all of the extras that allows you to build your pool deck and patio in stages.

Pool Deck Design for Building in Stages

We chose what may look like two different but highly similar examples of combination pool deck designs that show a variety of elements—not all of which need to be added during the initial project.

Pool Deck and Patio Design Ideas- Amazing DeckThis design has all of the bells and whistles as you can see in this first image angle. Note the fantastic enclosed pool area and composite deck that separates it from the patio. A nice outdoor fireplace anchors a great seating area. The fireplace provides one end of a semi-enclosed seating area that is anchored by a pergola with another seating area underneath.
You may have to take several glances to see that this is a different angle of the same design.

Trex Composite Deck Builder- Pool Patio and Deck Builder Near Me- Amazing DeckIn this image’s angle, we see the enclosed pool and the main portion of the deck with another seating area under colorful red umbrellas. On the right edge of the image is the other side of that pergola and seating area. While the deck is slightly raised by a single step from the patio, you can just see at the top of the image near the pool that several steps take you to what is an expansive yard that slopes away on closer inspection.

These homeowners most likely started with just the pool, and then added the patio. A later expansion could have encompassed the addition of the composite deck with or without the fireplace, while the pergola could have been done at an even later date.

The Process of Designing a Pool Deck and Patio

  1. Designing Your Backyard Oasis
    Our knowledgeable and friendly deck design specialist will work one-on-one with you during the designing stage to understand your wants, needs, and desires for the outcome. We will also conduct a comprehensive survey of the pool deck/patio site in order to assess the elevation, drainage, utilities, coding issues, etc.
  2. Financing and Budget
    During the design process, our team will keep in mind your budget and create accordingly. We will work within your budget and if needed create your deck design in stages, so you don’t have to make any sacrifices.
  3. Permits
    While every township/city differs in the permits they require, our professional staff will provide you with the necessary plans and specifications that are needed.
  4. Layout
    Our team will come out to your home to begin mapping out the project and setting the elevation.
  5. Excavation
    One the layout is reviewed and approved; the construction process will begin.
  6. Paver Stones & Tiles
    We will begin adding your choice of materials which will start to set the tone for your pool patio design.
  7. Electrical Setup
    The lighting and filtration systems necessary for your pool and patio/deck will be wired to your home’s electrical services as mandated by the city/township’s electrical codes.
  8. Deck and Patio Takes Form
    The design, shapes, and size of your pool deck and patio will start to be formed according to the plan created by the homeowners and our design specialists. Our experienced craftsmen will now rapidly create your backyard oasis.
  9. Clean-Up
    Our team will remove any construction debris and complete any final touches to the landscaping.

Ready to get started on your new pool patio and deck design?

Even on a budget, it is possible and perfectly okay to have it all just right, even if you can’t have it all just right now. Pool deck designs that incorporate a variety of elements can be divided into expandable projects when you enlist the help of a pool deck designer that has the vision and varied design expertise that is tempered with an understanding of budgets. This allows you to phase in different elements where every completed phase looks complete.

At Amazing Deck, we are experienced and knowledgeable swimming pool deck and patio designers and builder. We will work with you through every stage on the designing and building process to create your dream oasis. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!